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Transforming Lives Through Transformational Relationships and Tools

Fruition Consulting seeks to provide Kingdom solutions for societal issues. A key societal issue on our heart is the plight of those who suffer from life-hindering bondages such as addiction, mental illness, chronic homelessness, and criminal thinking. Suffering individuals create suffering communities. Individuals are part of families and the pain and brokenness of individuals ripple through the family and into the community.

The total annual cost from ACES are $581 billion in Europe and $748 billion in North America.

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As a Kingdom-minded consultancy and ministry we stand on the truth that the solution to these issues rests in an intimate relationship with the Lord. Many approaches seeking to help individuals caught in destructive lifestyles fail to uncover the root issues and help people walk in freedom. Anyone who has counseled or mentored someone who has struggled with these issues has encountered those, that although they truly love the Lord, return to their destructive coping mechanisms and fail to live a transformed life.

A Message Of Hope

The tools developed by Fruition Consulting uncover the lies that hinder one’s ability to love and trust the Father as Jesus loves Him, know the love of the Father as intimately as Jesus and love others like Jesus. These tools equip others in taking back the land of their heart and maintaining the territory recovered from the enemy.

The enemy has no new strategies. Whether someone copes with sex, drugs, people-pleasing or performing, at the heart is an individual who does not know the unconditional love and acceptance of the Father. All coping mechanisms built on a lie of the enemy lead to emotional and relational brokenness while only a few lead to physical bondage.

This work has been developed out of my personal journey with the Lord. I was the walking wounded with an ACES score of 10. I was very functional and successful yet emotionally and relationally broken due to my adverse childhood experiences.

When we walk in emotional health we are able to also walk in relational health and live out the commandment to love God, love ourselves and love others.

This work is foundational to beginning any discipleship or bible study program. It helps to prepare the soil of the heart so the Word of God may bear fruit in the life of the individual.

Online Assessment Tool Coming Soon

This work will be transformed into an online assessment tool that provides a customized analysis and freedom strategy for each individual.

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

Adverse childhood experience scores of 4 or more, based on a scale of 0 to 10, are linked to greater incidences of mental illness, homelessness, substance abuse, delinquency/ criminality, suicide, antisocial behavior and increased recidivism risk.

The issues listed above destroy lives, families and communities, but health and wholeness is possible and we can equip you to lead others in this freedom journey.

Any Believer can walk another person through this journey, whether you have experienced the same issues or not. Anyone who has completed the journey toward greater emotional and relational health can lead others into wholeness.