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Fruition Consulting is dedicated to developing strategic and insightful solutions to transform lives and communities. We develop and utilize Kingdom strategies for societal issues. Our passion is transformational solutions for serving the least, the last and the lost.

Equipping the saints to heal shattered hearts.

“Poverty alleviation occurs when the power of Christ’s resurrection reconciles our key relationships (with God, self, others and creation) through the transformation of both individual lives and local, national and international systems.”

When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor and Yourself

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Kingdom Resources

Mentoring Tools for Emotional and Relational Health

When transforming lives and communities, people need people, especially when working with those rebuilding shattered lives. Learn more about how to lead others on a journey to wholeness and freedom.

Soul Check Up Assessment Tool

When ministering to people with trauma, it is important to understand their current mindset prior to embarking on a ministry journey. It is equally important to understand the impact of your ministry for their long-term success. Our Soul Check Up Assessment provides this window into the soul.

Edensong Ministries Community Impact Model

Sharing the fierce love of God with weak, weary and wounded women.

Giving Away What God Has Given Us:

Professional background in marketing research and consulting

Instrumental in securing over $2.2 million in grant funding to launch new community initiatives

Conceptualized and launched three women’s transitional homes

Developed tools for emotional and relational health

Developed multiple mentoring programs for individuals in transition

Built a network of volunteers and social service agencies to assist individuals in transition

Conceptualized and developed multiple reentry programs for women in transition including comprehensive pre and post release support

Areas of Equipping

Mentoring | Reentry | Emotional and Relational Health | Housing | Communities of Care | Transformation Centers | Soul Check Up Assessment

Kelly Purselley: Founder of Fruition Consulting

Fruition Consulting is dedicated to equipping the saints to minister to the broken and increase impact and metrics for ministries serving the disenfranchised.